Why should a garden be regularly maintained in the autumn and winter.

Agreed while the rate that grass grows in winter slows down rapidly in the winter months, it is still important to keep up regular maintenance. As the temperatures start to decrease the rate at which leaves fall off the trees increases. When this happens your garden is at risk as any diseases and fungi which may be on the falling leaves will spread into the rest of your garden, which can have long lasting effect on the wellbeing of your garden. The fallen leaves could also smother your lawn which means it will kill off roots and take longer to regenerate when the growing season comes around again.

It’s also a great time for cleaning up finished and rotting plants which is one of the best ways to keep your garden healthy in the winter. Removing old plants will not only tidy it up but again prevent the spread of fungi, pests, and diseases.

Things to do for the cold months:

1.    Clean up rotting and finished plants

2.    Remove invasive weeds that may have taken hold over the growing season

3.    Prepare your soil for spring

4.    Plant cover crops

5.    Prune perennials

6.    Divide and plant bulbs

7.    Harvest and regenerate your compost

8.    Replenish mulch